A campaign targeting drivers who use their mobile phones behind the wheel has been launched today.

The scheme, launched by four Welsh police forces and the safety camera partnership Go Safe, is dedicated to tackling the growing issue.

Last November, Gwent Police’s All Wales Mobile Phone campaign saw 199 drivers stopped and found to be breaking the law.

South Wales Police superintendent Martyn Stone said: “In recent years, the number of drivers prosecuted for using their mobile phone behind the wheel has increased. By using your phone whilst driving, you are more likely to be distracted, potentially resulting in a road-related accident.”

“Increasing numbers of drivers are choosing to use their phone whilst driving to call, text or even check social media,” added Superintendent Stone.

“It is against the law to operate a vehicle whilst using a mobile phone. The message is very clear: it’s not worth it.”

As of March, those caught using a phone while driving can face a fine of £200 and six penalty points, rising to a £1,000 fine if taken to court.



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