The All-New Vauxhall Astra Electric has been named the Efficiency Award winner at the 2024 Awards for its impressive overall efficiency and innovative technology.

The awards recognise and reward the electric vehicles and innovations which represent significant achievements in the field. The All-New Astra Electric received praise from judges for achieving the highest efficiency of any car tested by’s team of experts, thanks its next-generation battery and efficient electric motor.

The All-New Astra Electric is powered by a more efficient and quieter electric motor developing 156PS and 270Nm of torque, which is capable of 4.2 miles per kWh (WLTP). The vehicle’s heat pump means the electric motor can operate at maximum efficiency in hot or cold weather. With a choice of three driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport – the All-New Astra Electric has a range of 258 miles (WLTP) in Normal mode, while driving in Eco mode offers the potential for further improved efficiency. Drivers can also activate ‘B’ mode for increased energy recuperation under braking.

The next-generation 54kWh lithium-ion battery, comprised of 102 cells in 17 modules with a liquid cooling system, ensures optimum efficiency. The new battery’s compact size results in a lower kerb weight for further efficiency – the All-New Astra Electric weighs only 58kg more than the Plug-in Hybrid version, without compromising on passenger space and boot capacity. The All-New Astra Electric supports 100kW rapid charging, allowing a 20%-80% charge in just 26 minutes.

Other features which contribute to the impressive efficiency of the All-New Astra Electric include aerodynamic 18-inch alloy wheels and a specific tyre size (215/45 R18 A+), as well as

heated seats and a heated steering wheel to preserve cabin temperature. Using the MyVauxhall app, drivers can also pre-condition the cabin of their car, helping maximise its electric driving range by using mains electricity to heat or cool the cabin ahead of a trip.

Ginny Buckley, Founder and CEO of, said: “The new Vauxhall Astra Electric shocked us in the best way – by being the most efficient electric car we’ve ever driven. We know that many buyers have concerns about the driving range of electric models and over a 200+ mile journey we averaged five miles from every kWh of energy in its battery, a remarkable figure that will give potential owners peace of mind.”

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “Our engineers have focused on maximising the efficiency of Astra Electric so it uses less energy and can therefore go further between charges, so we’re very proud to receive this recognition from the experts at This same technology is also being made available in our other electric vehicles meaning more of Britain’s drivers will be able to make the switch to electric as efficiently as possible.”

Vauxhall now offers six fully electric passenger vehicles and will offer a fully electric version of every model from 2024.


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