Top Gear Series 24 is set to kick off tomorrow, with the first episode serving up approximately 1,050bhp worth of track-only Ferrari action, plus an old taxi, an old Mercedes and an old Volvo.

The track-only Ferrari in question is the new Ferrari FXX K – an amalgam of Maranello’s race-bred pedigree all packaged up into one glorious repository of noise, power and outrageous levels of tech.

Chris Harris will be at the helm, so you can expect lots of noise and tail-out action. From the photos which have been released so far, it is clear that Harris is not driving the FXX K on the Top Gear Test Track – however there is still a possibility that a car will be shipped to Dunsfold so it can be sent out for a lap in the hands of The Stig.

The old taxi, old Mercedes and old Volvo in the second half of the episode might not have a lot of power between them, but they all possess one thing in common – mileage. So in the first Cheap Car Challenge for Series 24, Matt, Chris and Rory will attempt to answer a very sensible consumer question – what is the most reliable car on the market?

Why they had to travel to what looks like Russia to find the answer is beyond me, so you’ll have to tune in on Sunday, 8pm on BBC Two and BBC Two HD, to find out.



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