A turbocharger’s internal components need to withstand immense amounts of pressure so that it can move compressed air into the engine and allow a power plant to produce an even larger output. However, the quite addictive Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube decided to take the opposite route and subjected the outside of this complicated component to a serious amount of physical force. Things got messy quite quickly.

For a little extra excitement, the channel hooks up the turbo to compressed air, so that it’s spinning as the press comes down. There’s not much time to spool up before the impeller stops and pieces start flying off. One side essentially shatters, and the machine exerts so much force that several parts are stuck to the piston afterwards. Only a handful of components are still recognizable after the destruction.

After demolishing the turbo, the press claims a smaller victim. A little RC car drifts underneath the lowering piston, and this toy is doing its last slide. The vehicle’s movement stops as soon as there’s contact, and the end comes quickly after that. There’s barely enough time for pieces to fall off before the toy becomes a blue plastic pancake.

If you need to see more slow-motion automotive destruction after watching this clip, it’s worth seeing the press take on carbon fiber, too. The video shows how amazingly strong the material really is because he creators need to get creative to destroy a carbon fiber panel in one instance.

In another video, the Hydraulic Press Channel shows what happens when someone compresses a coil spring from a Toyota Corolla’s suspension to the component’s breaking point. The part is never supposed to be this flat, and there are some nasty sounds as the part takes more weight. In a similar stunt, the crew also films how a plastic Slinky handles the pressure, and it doesn’t end well for the toy.




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