The new Top Gear show launches this Sunday, and to say that a lot hangs on the success (or should we say “impact”?) of this first episode would be understatement.

The previous three presenters have set a bar so high that even they might have troubles clearing it with their new show – The Grand Tour – starting on Amazon Prime this fall. The new crew, however, they will be feeling even more pressure since they lack the many years of bonding that made Clarkson, Hammond, and May gel together so well.

What’s more, they are the ones who have everything to prove, while the old team will come in at Amazon as established stars. But maybe this relative (with emphasis on “relative”) lack of experience in front of the camera is what’s going to make the new Top Gear great. Who knows, maybe they’ll even surpass their ancestors in the upcoming seasons, if not straight from the first one.

Eddie Jordan, one of the seven figures who will be acting as presenters, certainly thinks so. You might remember him as the owner of Formula One team owner that gave a certain Michael Schumacher his debut on the big stage, but starting May 29, you’re going to see more of him on the TV, and not necessarily in relation to motorsport. During an event held at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey ahead of the grand premiere, Jordan was asked about the show’s chances compared to the competition’s.

“Of course we want to beat the other guys,” Mashable quotes him saying. “Yes we admire what they did, there’s no question about that,” he continued. “The previous show was brilliant. But I think this will be a surprise for you guys. When you actually see what we did in South Africa and all the other shows I’ve seen, we’re going to be better.”

Bolder words have never been spoken, but there might be some truth to it. We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited about this lineup. It’s so… varied, so different than what we had before. Instead of a lunatic, Captain Slow and someone in the middle, we’re getting all sorts of personalities, including a woman. This Top Gear looks like it’s going to be more mature, but not necessarily more boring as well. So, yeah, keep an open mind this Sunday and hope for the best. And, remember, we don’t need the new Top Gear to resemble the old one, since we’ll have The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime for that. It’s a win-win situation for us, really.




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