If you like to unwind with videos of sticky traffic situations, then watching people swear after being cut up (among other things), might actually lower your blood pressure.

Which is exactly the opposite of what actually happens when you do get into a situation where somebody either cuts you up, gives you a scare, or actually collides with you in traffic. It’s those types of moments that very few of us can handle without putting our vocals to use in detriment of the person who wronged us.

You’ll find all of those scenarios in this compilation, and more. However, it’s generally the language that might just put a smirk on your face. Well, that, and the fact that you can really get a sense of the amount of frustration in some of the tones those people used.

Other scenarios include bike riders coming face to face with a few close calls and even people who seem to think it’s a good idea to attempt an overtaking maneuver while going around a corner with no visibility – and that’s the sort of thing that rarely ends well.

Still, check it out for yourselves and try to pardon the language.





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