The VXR name looks set to live on after a hiatus, with a company spokesman indicating that hybrid technology could allow the performance sub-brand to continue in the future.

VXR models are no longer sold, the Vauxhall website just points enthusiasts towards pages on ‘past VXR models’.

Instead, Vauxhall’s first performance-oriented models under PSA, have been badged GSi and pitched as more sophisticated offerings than the hardcore VXRs of old.

Vauxhall recently confirmed that a Corsa GSi would enter showrooms later this year – and accompanying that announcement, a spokesman has told CarBuyer: “VXR will survive. We haven’t lost this sporting brand and it will remain at the forefront of performance motoring in the mainstream. VXR products will always be a hardcore offering, with a jump in performance [over GSi] as well as very focused dynamics.”

The spokesman also suggested that electrification could play a part in future VXR products, saying: “It’ll need more efficient power sources.”

The link to Peugeot – and, in particular, Peugeot Sport – could be crucial for VXR’s future. If the French brand continues to develop faster, hotter versions of its 208 and 308, then sharing engines and chassis tech with VXR could help both divisions to cut down development costs and increase economies of scale. This would then have the potential to boost the performance models’ profitability.



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