Vauxhall’s new chief, Rory Harvey, is very much a fan of the latest GT concept, much like Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann is.

Both Harvey and Neumann quite like the idea of a reborn GT as a sort of halo vehicle for both brands, but Harvey told Autocar a business case for such a product is highly unlikely.

“The ability to invest in a niche product has to be driven by a business case, and currently that’s less likely,” Harvey stated.

Harvey stated increased globalization of the industry would make it difficult to replicate the factors which led to the Vauxhall VX220, itself a Lotus Elise.

“I would love to see the GT built, but you do have to look at the reality,” he said.

Earlier, Neumann described the Opel GT concept as a “dream,” and on he would love to see become a reality.

Both brand bosses have stated the GT does preview the brands’ upcoming design language, an adaptation of what the 2013 Monza concept introduced.



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