Vauxhall has started to write to 220,000 owners warning of a fire risk in one of its most popular models.

New figures suggest there have been almost 200 fires involving the problem with the Zafira.

Yet Vauxhall is still not sure what’s causing the blazes. Until they find out, there’s growing concern from drivers who are being told to carry on using their vehicles whilst awaiting repairs.

A campaign group of worried owners has now collected 200 reports of similar incidents.

Although we can’t be sure of the cause of each fire – Vauxhall admits it has a serious problem.

The problem concerns Zafira B models built between 2005 and 2014.

Vauxhall says it is “carrying out an investigation following reports of fire in the area of the heating and ventilation system”

Vauxhall said “some further analysis is ongoing verify the root cause” of the fires

  • Vauxhall has so far inspected 10,200 cars
  • Parts needed for repairs don’t begin to arrive for another 10 days (November 23)
  • it could be 10 weeks before all affected vehicles get a safety inspection

Vauxhall has so far inspected 30 Zafira’s that were involved in fires.

It has faced problems because in many cases cars have been too badly damaged for inspection.

The firm is inviting people to take cars that may be affected in to local dealers free of charge.

A repair can be done – but the company still can’t be sure that it will be the final fix of the problem.

Letters will be going out in batches – starting with the owners of older vehicles first, because these are thought to be most at risk.

So far Vauxhall has identified “improper repair” to components around the heating unit as a likely cause of the fires. See the full letter sent out to Vauxhall owners below.

Until the root cause is fully known, a design fault cannot be ruled out.

Here is the letter Vauxhall has sent to affected owners:





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