Authorities have signed off one of the biggest fleet deals in the country for more than 2,000 Vauxhall cars.

The contract includes 1,200 Astras, which are destined for the Police forces nationwide, while the two-year multi-million deal also includes the Corsa, the Insignia and the British-made Vivaro vans.

“We are delighted to supply the Police with this huge order. Efficiency is a top priority for all Police forces and the investment made in these Vauxhalls will mean officers spend more time preventing crime”, said the Vauxhall chairman and managing director, Rory Harvey.

The sale was led by West Midlands Police and vehicles will join 28 police forces. The agreement also includes six fire and rescue services, with these vehicles to head to East and West Sussex, Northamptonshire, Shropshire, Surrey and Staffordshire.

Vauxhall didn’t disclose details on the powertrains found under the hoods of the new UK police cars, but all Astras will be equipped with the OnStar technology, which keeps the vehicle connected through satellite and cellular networks, turning it into a 4G LTE mobile hub. The OnStar also has the police-spec ignition block, triggered remotely in case the car is stolen.



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