Plans for the flagship SUV have been put on hold, after the Vauxhall was finally acquired by PSA, last week.

According to AutoExpress, the large crossover faces an uncertain future, and won’t be put into production anytime soon, as it apparently doesn’t fit the business plan that has to be finalized within 100 days by Vauxhall and sister company Opel, and presented to their new owner.

The vehicle, which would have been produced in Russelsheim, Germany, by the end of the decade, according to an official announcement earlier this year, was supposed to challenge the likes of other large SUVs, such as the Ford Edge, and join the Crossland X, Mokka X, and Grandland X, topping them all.

Not much is known about its underpinnings, as contradictory reports gave birth to two possible scenarios. The first one says that the new generation Insignia could have been used as a starting point, while the second talks about sharing the EMP2 modular platform with the new Peugeot 5008, which has a larger footprint than its predecessor.



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