Vauxhall will deliver a knock-out ad on Boxing Day with the launch of their ‘Yes, it’s an Astra’ campaign.  The creative is an exhibition of everything that makes the new Astra brilliant, and makes no excuses in boasting the vehicle’s remarkable attributes through a host of demonstrations.

Whether the envy of the 4G WiFi capability from a passenger of another car, a fox avoiding collision due to the IntelliLux LED matrix lights or an impressed café dweller reading the 5-star review from Auto Express; the real-life examples show the extraordinary level of quality from the new Astra.

Simon Oldfield, Sales and Marketing Director for Vauxhall Motors commented on the campaign, ‘Yes, it’s an Astra’ conveys the surprise when people realise how Vauxhall is raising the bar.  Already heavily-lauded by the motoring press, the all-new Brit built Astra takes huge steps forward in terms of quality, design and connectivity.  At 200kg lighter than its predecessor, with new powertrains and cutting-edge technology, the new Astra is set to shake up the C-segment.”

The ad appropriately features the British anthem ‘Oh my God’ by Kaiser Chiefs and will be rolled-out across TV, cinema, digital, poster, print, national retail communications, CRM, POS, social and PR.  The TV campaign will encompass a 30-second advertisement with spots secured in key programmes and sporting events across the Christmas period, such as Coronation Street’ and Premier League football on Sky. There will be a focus on male programming, with Sky Atlantic programs such as ‘Fortitude’, ‘Blue Bloods’, and ‘The Pacific’.

Cinema activity will commence on Friday 8th January 2016 targeting the cinema ‘awards season’ with a 30-second ‘Kids’ showcasing the class leading rear heated seats and the surprise of children discovering them.  Digital activity will include the ad ‘Fox’ which demonstrates the Astra’s IntelliLux LED matrix lights through a fox’s encounter with the new Astra. Key films featuring the ad will be ‘The Danish Girl’ starring Eddie Redmayne and ‘Trumbo’ starring Bryan Cranston. A poster campaign will support, ‘Yes, it’s an Astra’ up and down the UK.

The campaign will also come with a strong digital presence. Throughout January and February there will be takeovers of key automotive pages such as Auto Trader, Auto Express and Parkers, with the motto, ‘Yes, it’s an Astra’ at the very forefront. Social activity will be orientated around the surprise-factor of the new Astra across Facebook and Twitter, showcasing 9 individual’s respective surprised reactions to the vehicle’s astounding capabilities and impressive features.

New Brit-built Vauxhall Astra – In Numbers:

  • One in four Britons has owned or driven an Astra
  • 25% of a Vauxhall Astra materials are British sourced
  • It takes approximately 24 hours to build an Astra, from sheet steel to the finished article – this is expected to reduce to just 22 hours as production grows
  • 3 million Astras have been sold over the past 36 years 50,000 in the past 12 months
  • 5 million vehicles have been manufactured at Ellesmere Port, with 2 million exported to 25 European markets
  • The Ellesmere Port plant will build approximately 680 cars per day and 120,000 per year

The campaign was created by advertising agency McCann UK.  Paul Dean, Managing Partner, McCann said, “When planning the creative execution for this campaign, we wanted to bring to life two key elements – surprise and affirmation.

“With the new Astra boasting some of the latest technology, we knew this would create a surprise factor amongst consumers, as this level of specification wouldn’t necessary be associated with an Astra. The creative shows various ‘surprised’ reactions, with a focus on dispelling any preconceptions – which again creates the element of surprise that, ‘Yes, it’s an Astra’.

“It was also important to assert a sense of pride that we should have for the Astra. It’s a car made in Britain, therefore the ad needed to have an authentically British feel, from the landscape to the music, to develop a sense of camaraderie for the Astra and how it’s evolved throughout the years.”

The new Vauxhall Astra brings together clever engineering with premium design to give it serious presence. Cleaner, more economical, and complete with OnStar, your personal on-board assistant. Priced from £15,295.

Search ‘New Astra’ for further information or watch the ads at





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