Vauxhall is introducing Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) and full LED headlamps to its new Zafira Tourer and Mokka X models.

The optional AFL LED headlamps produce a bright white light that automatically adapts to the driving situation, with nine individual functions that both optimise visibility and save energy.

“The widespread availability of intelligent LED technology is the best way to significantly reduce the risks of night-time driving,” said Brit Mark Adams, Vice President, Design Europe. “The new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer and Mokka X with their optional AFL LED headlamps are important steps towards realising this potential.”

Vauxhall recognised the risks of night-time driving a number of years ago. It was the first manufacturer to bring AFL with bi-xenon headlamps to the compact market in 2003, and the Vauxhall Astra was the first compact car with cornering lights in 2004, followed by the Zafira in 2005. Embracing its tradition of making innovative technology features available across the product range, Vauxhall introduced halogen headlamp-based AFL in the Corsa in 2006.

Vauxhall now offers AFL in almost every passenger car model and the technology is developing constantly. For example, IntelliLux LED Matrix Light, which takes LED technology to the highest level, made its world premiere in the compact class last year on the new Vauxhall Astra.

The new Zafira Tourer and Mokka X, with adaptive forward lighting and full LED functionality for all headlamp and signal functions, mark the next milestone in the rollout of LED technology from Vauxhall. Similar to the Astra’s matrix system, AFL LED delivers the benefits of adaptive forward lighting without the moving elements. Instead of switching LEDs on or off in a variety of combinations, AFL LED adapts to the driving situation and the presence of other road users by automatically changing the lighting pattern of the headlamps.

The optional AFL LED headlamps have nine functions, each designed for a different road situation to provide optimal visibility. At speeds above 34mph, Country Light improves illumination of the road and verges when driving in rural areas. The range of illumination in the driving lane is longer, while the distribution of light on the offside is lower to prevent dazzling oncoming traffic. In addition, the improved illumination of the roadside verges enables earlier recognition of potentially dangerous objects including wild animals.

When cornering, AFL LED activates Cornering/Curve Light, which switches on an additional left or right LED illuminating the road in the direction of travel, depending on the steering angle or turn signal. Cornering/Curve Light switches on automatically at speeds under 25mph when the indicators are in use and/or the steering angle changes from the straight-ahead position and crosses a certain threshold. Cornering/Curve Light switches off when signalling stops and the steering is returned to the straight-ahead position, it is active up to a maximum speed of 43mph.

At speeds under 34mph, AFL LED automatically activates Town Light. Compared with the Country Light function, the beam is closer to the area near the car and wider at the sides, with the cornering lights operating at reduced intensity. The improved illumination helps the driver to see the sides of the road and avoid potential accidents, such as those involving pedestrians.

The Manoeuvring Light function illuminates the area around the vehicle when driving or reversing into a parking space, making it easier to see the surrounding area. In this mode, the cornering lights shine at reduced intensity when the driver selects reverse gear. Manoeuvring Light remains active for 20 seconds after disengaging reverse gear or until the car drives faster than 4mph in a forward gear, allowing time for more complex manoeuvres.

Tourist Mode (for countries where driving is on the other side of the road), High Beam, Daytime Running Lights and High Beam Assist (automatic activation/deactivation of high beam depending on presence of other vehicles) complete the list of AFL LED functions that improve visibility.

The optional AFL LED headlamps for the new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer and Mokka X not only enhance safety, they also require significantly less energy when compared to other lighting technologies. Vauxhall’s AFL LED headlamps take this inherent advantage a step further by automatically activating Stop Mode Light when the vehicle’s start/stop system has stopped the engine. In this mode, the cornering lights switch off while the low beam stays on, reducing the energy consumption of the headlamps yet retaining visibility to other drivers on the road.

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