Vauxhall has released prices and specifications for the new Crossland with order banks now open. The new Crossland will start from £19,060 on-the-road in SE trim, with first customer deliveries of the compact SUV starting in early 2021. 

The new Crossland features Vauxhall’s latest design language, including the bold new Vauxhall Vizor front-end that was first introduced on the all-new Mokka. A single module now runs across the face of the new compact SUV, containing LED lights and the new Griffin logo. At the back, new dark-tinted tail lights and a new high-gloss black tailgate surface give the new Crossland a wider stance.

The new Crossland starts in SE trim and comes standard with 16-inch bi-colour wheels and LED headlights with auto lighting. Inside, owners get a seven-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus Lane Departure Warning and Speed Sign Recognition.

Starting from £20,210, SE Nav Premium trim adds front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera and LED fog lights. Inside the driver gets a new ergonomic seat for enhanced comfort and Vauxhall’s Multimedia Navi Pro with an eight-inch touchscreen with sat-nav.

Sporty SRi Nav models feature 17-inch bi-colour alloy wheels, contrasting roof colours, alloy-effect skid plates and dark tinted rear windows. Inside, owners get Vauxhall’s Multimedia Navi Pro with an eight-inch touchscreen and sat-nav. Prices for SRi Nav models start from £21,360.

Elite models start from £22,610 and contain leather seat trim, heated front seats and steering wheel as well as front and rear parking sensors with a rear-view camera.

Elite Nav models add Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment as well as wireless mobile phone charging and a 180-degree panoramic rear-view camera, with prices starting from £23,110.

Top-of-the range Ultimate Nav models come with Alcantara seat trim, Keyless Entry & Start, as well as silver roof rails, alongside Vauxhall’s Multimedia Navi Pro with sat-nav and a panoramic 180-degree rear view camera. Ultimate Nav models start from £25,615.

The new Crossland is available with Vauxhall’s efficient petrol and diesel engines. The full price list is available below:

TrimTransmissionFuel TypeEnginePSOTR £*Provisional CO2 g/km
SEMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo110PS 20,240.00138
SEAT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS22,440.00143
SEMT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D110PS 21,320.00126
SEAT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D120PS23,440.00136
SE Nav PremiumMT5Petrol1.283PS20,210.00139
SE Nav PremiumMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo110PS 21,390.00138
SE Nav PremiumMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS22,190.00137
SE Nav PremiumAT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS23,640.00143
SE Nav PremiumMT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D110PS 22,470.00126
SE Nav PremiumAT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D120PS24,585.00136
SRi NavMT5Petrol1.283PS21,360.00139
SRi NavMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo110PS 22,540.00138
SRi NavMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS23,340.00137
SRi NavAT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS24,740.00143
SRi NavMT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D110PS 23,620.00126
SRi NavAT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D120PS25,740.00136
EliteMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo110PS 23,790.00138
EliteMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS24,590.00137
EliteAT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS25,990.00143
EliteMT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D110PS 24,870.00126
EliteAT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D120PS26,990.00136
Elite NavMT5Petrol1.283PS23,110.00139
Elite NavMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo110PS 24,290.00138
Elite NavMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS25,090.00137
Elite NavAT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS26,490.00143
Elite NavMT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D110PS 25,370.00126
Elite NavAT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D120PS27,490.00136
Ultimate NavMT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS25,615.00137
Ultimate NavAT6Petrol1.2 Turbo130PS27,015.00143
Ultimate NavMT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D110PS 25,445.00126
Ultimate NavAT6Diesel1.5 Turbo D120PS27,430.00136

With order books now open, deliveries of the new Crossland will start in early 2021.

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