Vauxhall has confirmed that no more orders for the Mokka X.

Although its still available to configure on the Vauxhall’s website, production ended in June. A Vauxhall spokesperson claims that the only orders taken will be from existing dealer stock, which is now running low. 

A statement confirmed that a new “Fully Electrified” Mokka X will go on sale in 2020 . However, Autocar report’s that examples won’t actually arrive for UK customers until the start of 2021. The new compact SUV is expected to be available in petrol, diesel and electric form and likely to be relieved at the Geneva motor show.

The Mokka X, was one of Vauxhall’s oldest model , despite a refresh in which ‘X’ was added to the name in 2016. The SUV’s platform and powertrains date back to GM ownership.

Only the Astra and Insignia Grand Sport remain on GM platform’s. The Astra has just received a facelift but doesn’t make use of PSA engines, with the company instead choosing to finish the development of new GM units.


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