This overly dramatic showdown doesn’t just feature a modern-day Premier League star, but also former Liverpool and Newcastle player John Barnes, as well as commentator Chris Kamara.

Even though Kane drives a Range Rover in real life (that we know of), this time he teamed up with the zippy Vauxhall Corsa VXR in order to go against a genuine supercar. Since the task wasn’t necessarily a straight line drag race, we’re willing to go along with it just to have a quick laugh.

The Corsa VXR has a much easier time tackling the speed bumps and tight corners of a carpark, compared to the very low and very wide Lamborghini Aventador – which wouldn’t be your ideal choice for this type of “obstacle course”.

Obviously, the football players weren’t the ones doing the stunts, as Vauxhall arranged for the services of experienced precision driver Paul Swift and his team.

During filming, Kamara said that “It could be a scene from any busy shopping centre car park on a Saturday morning near Sainsbury’s. I’ve witnessed people who’d sell their own granny for a parking spot. The smart money was always on Harry Kane, he’s leaner, meaner and probably greener in the new Corsa VXR compared to Barnsey who has quite clearly had his day.”

Kane was also quoted as saying “The #kamarachallenge was everything you’d expect it to be, fast, furious and fun. Good to see some of the ‘England Legends’ getting some speed under their belts.”

Speaking of legends, take the car park away, as well as the obvious comical nature of this challenge, and that Corsa would have nothing on the Lambo.



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