The areas of the UK with the highest number of disqualified drivers in 2021 have been revealed.

In total, there were a total of 135,242 motorists handed driving bans during the year, with Yorkshire and the Humber featuring the highest number of banned drivers at 18,675.

This was followed by north-west England with 18,511 and London with 18,468. South east England took fourth place with 16,244 banned drivers, while the West Midlands finished up the top five with 12,703.

The information, which was revealed through a Freedom of Information request submitted by Bill Plant Driving School, also found that 11,370 drivers had been banned from driving in the east of England during 2021.

Other areas with a high amount of banned drivers also included the north east of England with 4,309 banned drivers and south east Wales, with 4,257.

Over the course of 2021, it was south west Scotland which recorded the lowest number of disqualified drivers in the UK, however, at just 206.

The most common driving offence that led to a driving ban was having more than 12 penalty points, for which 45,632 drivers lost their licence for.

The next most common reason for a ban was driving with an alcohol level above the legal limit with 34,969 drivers banned for this. Driving or attempting to drive with a drug level above the specified limit followed next, while driving after being disqualified by order of court came after.


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