In last week’s episode of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson set out to prove that doing what Ken Block does during his Gymkhana videos is mostly video editing, rather than pure skill.

Of course, he was painfully wrong, as proven by the segment he titled Farmkhana: Ultimate_Country_Playground, which consists of a Subaru STI getting thrashed around a farm.

The problem is, Clarkson relied mostly on editing to make his drive look epic, which did work to some extent, but all you have to do is pay close attention to a few of the details in order to see everything that’s wrong with the picture.

Not only was the show’s host stationary in some of the shots (revving the car while standing still, pressing the pedals chaotically and so on), but he also failed to drift properly through certain obstacles, which is something Ken Block certainly doesn’t need any help with.

After the segment itself, you can watch a short “Behind-The-Scenes” video, which will show you exactly what we mean. That STI has probably never felt more helpless.



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