The revamped Top Gear show is struggling to keep fans and amid a statement that said Chris Evans cannot drive and talk at the same time, it seems that Radio 2 DJ is also, well, car sick.

While in Monterey, California with co-presenter German racing driver Sabine Schmitz behind the wheel of the new Audi R8, Evans, who was riding shotgun, felt ill.

It was so bad, Schmidt had to stop the car and he got out and stood hunched over on the track. Media report that Evans’ stomach-churning experience was not pleasant at all, but the film crew seemed to enjoy it…

BBC plans to air the revamped show on May 8, and the season is expected to get 16 episodes.

As for the former hosts, Jezza, The Hamster and Captain Slow aren’t revealing that much from their new show that will be on Amazon. Still, filming has apparently begun there, too, and the hybrid hypercar trinity will be included in its debut.





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