The Dunsfold Aerodrome, better known as the Top Gear Test Track to us car enthusiasts, is set to be transformed into a housing and business development.

The BBC reports that the Waverley Borough Council approved the plans on Wednesday and will see the closure of all the runways and up to 1,800 homes built. Additionally, the existing Dunsfold Business Park which already houses over 100 businesses will be expanded to create many additional jobs.

If the Dunsfold Aerodrome was any regular unused airport, not much may have been made of this decision for car fans. However, it throws a spanner into the works at Top Gear HQ who have been using the facility since the show was relaunched by Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman in 2002.

Ever since, and even after the original hosts spectacularly left, the Dunsfold Aerodrome has been used to test the world’s leading performance cars, providing one of the rare places for cars to be tested with the same driver in the same location.



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