Top Gear has had its filming license in Norway revoked after reportedly driving at up to 151 mph in a tunnel.

While filming at the country’s Atlantic Ocean Tunnel, Top Gear received the go-ahead from police to film at speeds of up to 87 mph. However, pressure-sensitive sensors in the road reportedly informed authorities that one vehicle was travelling between 105-112 mph and that another reached 151 mph.

Norway is famed for being particularly harsh on speeders, and if a driver exceeds the limit by 25 mph, they could face a £1000 fine and six months in prison.

Speaking to The Drive after reports about the incident started to emerge, Top Gear said it was co-operating with police and that neither Matt LeBlanc or Chris Harris were involved.

“As Top Gear was filming on sections of roads closed-off in that area on the same afternoon, we are fully cooperating with the police investigation into the matter. Neither Matt LeBlanc nor Chris Harris were with production, or in the area, at the time of this alleged infringement.”

According to Møre og Romsdal police inspector Anne Berit Lian, “It is natural to investigate whether these speed overruns have been committed in the period when the road has been closed and has been used for filming.”



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