With co-hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid taking the lead, this new 24th season of Top Gear will  debut on March 5.

The new seven-part season will see the TG hosts experience Kazakhstan , while also taking some convertible supercars to the “Wild West”, racing in Cuba and turning a South Korean van into a luxury yacht.

The cars driven by Matt, Chris, Rory (and also Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan) vary from the Ferrari FXX K to the Aston Martin DB11. They’ll also test the new Bugatti Chiron and Ford GT, which definitely sounds like something we can all look forward to.

There will also be a bunch of naked people in the back of an “eight-wheeled all-terrain monster from Russia”, which LeBlanc will apparently try out (perhaps reluctantly) judging by one of the images below.

As for studio and test track guests, a fresh crop of celebs will be on hand in order to showcase their driving skills, with none other than Professor X himself, actor James McAvoy, scheduled to show up for the season premiere.



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