A new trailer for BBC’s revamped show is up, showing us more of what’s coming in the new season that airs on 22 May.
The new footage includes reviews of the Aston Martin Vulcan by Chris Harris, a beautiful and shockingly expensive Ferrari 250 GT TdF, a road trip adventure with known music artists and a soaking-wet Blackpool.

The new season is reportedly going to have six episodes, while last week it was announced that they will also launch a new spin-off series called ‘Extra Gear’, providing a behind-the-scenes look and exclusive features after each episode of the main show.

Not everything is rosy, though; new host Chris Evans recently was described as not the easiest man to work with and that he yelled to a producer so viciously he brought hin to tears and an engineer had to intervene to stop him. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s teething problems as the pressure is on and the team are trying to get their act together.



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