It seems “New Top Gear” is already hard at work already preparing a new season that will at some point feature Bugatti’s all-new hypercar, the Chiron.

The footage comes courtesy of the_nish_dubai Instagram page, where the description on one of the clips read that the car was “doing an ad with Matt LeBlanc” at the Dubai Marina.

Odds are LeBlanc was simply filming a segment for Top Gear alongside the Chiron, and while the actor is nowhere to be seen in any of the two clips, the man behind the wheel of the Bugatti does indeed look like Chris Harris.

As you might know, with Chris Evans departing the show, LeBlanc is now seen as its lead presenter, with Harris and Rory Reid as his co-stars.

Now, if you don’t feel like waiting around for season 24 of Top Gear to get started, you might want to check out this video showing DriveTribe’s Jethro Bovingdon give his thoughts on the Chiron from the passenger seat.



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