The UK has an abundance of great stop-offs, cafes and attractions for avid motoring enthusiasts. But better still, many of these places offer something for people who aren’t keen on cars or motorcycles, meaning everyone can enjoy a day out.

So if you’ve got a spare afternoon over the festive break or if you’re planning a trip out in the new year, take a look at these places as key locations to head to.

Caffeine and Machine, Ettington nr Stratford-upon-Avon

Caffeine and Machine is one of the most popular motoring-related locations in the UK

Caffeine and Machine has established itself as one of the main places for motoring-minded people to travel to. Centred around all things automotive, there are events running throughout the year covering all sorts of themes and ideas.

It also has rooms for those wanting to stay a little longer, a coffee shop and bar. Remember to check if you need to purchase tickets for a particular event – they sell out fast.

Goodwood, nr Chichester, West Sussex

The Festival of Speed will return in July next year. (Goodwood)

Goodwood is well-known for its Festival of Speed and Revival events which draw huge crowds during the summer and early autumn respectively. Though racing events don’t tend to run much over winter, there’s usually something happening.

There’s the very pleasant Aerodrome cafe positioned just off the airfield and close to the famous circuit, which is well worth stopping off at.

The British Motor Museum, Warwick

The Collections Centre houses some really interesting and rare models

The British Motor Museum is a great attraction to check out if you’re interested in the wider history of motoring. It has the world’s largest collection of historic British cars, ranging in ages and including companies such as Morgan and Lotus.

There’s a cafe on-site, too, while a new Collections Centre housing prototypes and many first and last examples off the line.

Baffle Haus, Goytre, nr Pontypool

Baffle Haus offers coffee, food and all types of events

Baffle Haus is one of the newest members on the motoring events scene. Though it’s designed with motorcycle culture in mind, it’s a great place for non-bikers to visit too, with a large seating area inside and coffee and cakes on offer.

There’s food available too, ranging from breakfast rolls to loaded fries and a specialist ‘haus’ burger. Take a look in the shop for clothing and gear from some of the best motorcycle brands around.

The Bike Shed, 384-386 Old St, London

The Bike Shed gets visitors up close to the action

The Bike Shed is a very impressive place to behold. Nestled in the heart of East London, it’s set under four Victorian railway arches and is designed to allow motorbikes to travel right through the middle of where people sit to enjoy coffee.

Again, it may be focused towards riders, but it’s still a great place to visit if you’re in London and fancy having a stopover somewhere completely different to the norm.

The Motorist, Sherburn-in-Elmet, West Yorkshire

The Motorist runs events throughout the year (Credit: The Motorist)

If you’re looking to travel up north, then The Motorist in Yorkshire is definitely a place to stop by and check out. Hosting all manner of events and meet-ups throughout the year, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things automotive.

There’s a great cafe on-site, while a restaurant has recently been added too. There’s even a garage and bodyshop on location.


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