After The Grand Tour’s second episode was almost completely free of any cars, episode 3 looks primed to be as car-focused as Top Gear of yesteryear.

For this latest episode, The Grand Tour will be based in Whitby in Yorkshire and see Clarkson, Hammond and May embark on an epic road trip through Italy with an Aston Martin DB11, Rolls-Royce Dawn and a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Alongside enjoying some beautiful Italian roads, the trio will all hit a race track for some high-paced fun.

As if this segment alone wasn’t enough to get you excited about the latest episode, we will also get the chance to see Hammond and May knocking down Clarkson’s house after he lost a bet in episode 1, claiming the McLaren P1 would be the fastest of the hybrid hypercars around Portimao. While it seemed like a joke at the time, it appears very serious and absolutely hilarious.



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