Mark your calendars and start your engines. The third season The Grand Tour, will return to Amazon on 18 January.

A few days before the first episode drops, on January 15, fans will get the chance to take The Grand Tour Game for a spin on Xbox One or PS4.

It’s been quite a long hiatus for The Grand Tour: the last episode of Season 2 aired back in February 2018. But May confirmed at press event that the cast and crew have been hard at work on Season 3 since late 2017.

“We actually started the end of last year. The films have become very big and elaborate and take longer. And we had a bit of a delay because of people being ill and what have you last season, so it’s all knocked on,” he explained. “And we’ve had to do the game and everything else. But we’re not slacking!

Here’s the official lowdown on the first episode of The Grand Tour Season 3, courtesy of Amazon:

In the first episode of a brand-new season, Clarkson, Hammond and May make a pilgrimage to Detroit to drive three highly tuned muscle cars, the Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the Hennessey Exorcist Camaro.

Horrified to discover that this once-great motor city is a shadow of its former self and devotes more energy to making organic kale than oversized V8s, the hosts set about bringing some noisy life back to the old place and establishing it as a sort of playground for people who’d rather talk about superchargers than spinach.

After staging a drag race on the deserted streets and performing a noise test in an old theatre, the three find an abandoned car factory and set about turning it into a race track. They then head to a local airfield for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Also in this show, Jeremy drives a McLaren Senna around Donington, because it’s too fast for the tree-lined Eboladrome.


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