The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime on 18 January, and a new teaser trailer provides a wonderful glimpse of what to expect from the new episodes.

True to the show’s name, it looks like Clarkson, Hammond, and May are travelling around the world to drive fascinating vehicles once again.

Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson have been filming for the new season since early 2018. Expect a series of epic road trips and challenges, with the trio visiting countries such as China, Colombia, Sweden, Mongolia and of course the US.

We can see Hammond breaking down in a lifted Silverado across a really sketchy bridge, as well as May almost spinning out of control in an old Lancia.

The trailer also includes some of the latest cars, covering a wide variety from pickup trucks to hypercars like the McLaren Senna. Clarkson even races a Lamborghini Urus on a penis-shaped snow track.

The new Grand Tour season three will release an episode each week on Amazon Prime, but we still don’t know how many episodes it will include.

The trailer ends with the three presenters sitting in front of a burning helicopter, with Clarkson asking “What is the budget for our show?” to which May and Hammond reply, “Smaller than it was.”

The Grand Tour season three returns on 18 January, on Amazon Prime.


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