The Grand Tour has reportedly been axed after just three seasons.

While the team are still working on the third series, which is scheduled to be aired later this year, Clarkson has apparently not been offered a fourth by the online network.

‘There is nothing to suggest they are going to do another [series of The Grand Tour],’ a source close to the show revealed.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday about Grand Tour’s potential final season, the source added: ‘No one has signed anything and employees are wondering where everyone will go once filming wraps.’

Over the past three years, Grand Tour has brought in a staggering £100million for Amazon and has been one of the biggest shows for the TV service.

But despite The Grand Tour reportedly will not return for a fourth season, Clarkson won’t be short of work as he is taking over from Chris Tarrant for a limited series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


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