With just three days away from airing their first episode on Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour team is promoting the show by… well, wrecking the Toyota Prius.

In Berlin, the Japanese hybrid that has fallen victim to the show’s marketing campaign is half-buried into the concrete and initially baffled Germans, who didn’t know what they were looking at, until they saw the now famous logo applied on the doors.

Londoners had their very own encounter with a mashed up Prius, whose front end is leaning onto a mailbox, blamed on James May, and accompanied by a social media caption that says “the only real acceptable use for a Prius”.

Now that might upset some car owners, but their approach on promoting The Grand Tour doesn’t actually surprise fans, since the old Top Gear crew, that applied for a US visa to film an entirely new car show, weren’t exactly big hybrid car fans to start with.


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