‘Forza Horizon 4’ gets a Lego expansion this week

Forza Horizon 4 gamers now have another expansion pack at their disposal: the Lego Speed Champions pack.

There are a handful of Lego cars included, among which a McLaren Senna, a Ferrari F40 and a 1967 Mini Cooper S rally car.

An all-new Lego themed world is also featured and includes a ‘Falcon Speedway’ circuit and the ‘Super Mega Awesome Adventure Stunt Park’. Developers have even created a city, airport, UFO crash site, pirate cove and more from Lego. Users can also compete with the game’s normal cars in a variety of races.

A number of different expansion packages have been added since the game launch last year. These included a James Bond-themed car pack and back in March, a trio of Ford Mustang RTR models were released. The all-electric Rimac C_Two hypercar was also recently added to the game.

There are more than 450 cars available in Forza Horizon 4, with no less than 32 different Ferraris and hypercars like the Koenigsegg Regera, One:1, and Agera, as well as the Lamborghini Centenario, Veneno, Sesto Elemento, and Reventon. The game is based in the United Kingdom and follows on from Forza Horizon 3 that was based in Australia.