A survey shows an alarming percentage of car owners who don’t feel confident enough to change a wheel. 37 percent of drivers claimed that they prefer to have a mechanic do the work for them, as DailyMail reports, backed up by the AA, who responded to 35,000 puncture call outs a month, meaning one in ten of all breakdown requests.

Changing a wheel is one story. The 13 percent of all drivers, who answered the survey’s questions, said that they don’t feel confident enough to fill their car with fuel on their own is even more disturbing.

Questioned mechanics claimed they spend more than 3 hours a day fixing common problems, with the most frequent one being tire changing, quickly followed by replacing bulbs for headlights and indicators.

Clearly more needs to be done to educate Britain’s motorists on the basic principles of car maintenance. And it’s not just new drivers, as many might assume, that need to brush up on their skills. Our research shows a gap in knowledge across all ages“, said product expert at Swinton Insurance, Steve Chelton.

More hours are spent each day by professionals fixing botched DIY repairs and, according to Swinton, 65 percent of motorists only try to fix problems on their cars when MoT is due for renewal.

A quiz conducted on 4,500 motorists showed that 68 percent of men and 72 percent of women don’t know the legal alcohol limit and another 8 percent of women don’t know what lane to use on a clear motorway.



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