Figures revealed that the number of people killed or seriously injured in crashes caused by slow drivers is increasing.

The Department of Transport has revealed that last year, 26 people were seriously injured and two killed across the country in accidents where police said slow driving contributed to the crash. A further 132 people suffered more minor injuries in crashes blamed on slow drivers.

It’s well known that those driving well under the speed limits often trigger tailgating, undertaking, congestion, and road rage.

Driver’s can face a fine of £100 and 3 penalty points for driving well below the limit.

“I’m not in the least bit surprised by these worrying statistics,” Hugh Bladon, a founding member of the Alliance of British Drivers, said. “Driving too slowly is basically selfish and downright stupid, and is a recipe for disaster. I have advocated for a long time that driving too slowly causes frustration for other people and can cause them to attempt an overtaking maneuver, which is the most dangerous thing you can do on the roads.

“Low speed limits cause a problem, as do people traveling slowly because they are towing items such as caravans. But there are also people who are not particularly confident on the roads and they drive slowly because they are nervous,” Bladon added.


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