If there was ever a moment to not drive around with your windows down, we’re pretty sure this one right here qualifies as IT!

It’s not every day that a truck carrying sewage suffers what can easily be called catastrophic tanker failure. It seems the white Tucson and the bus took the brunt of the explosion, though anything within a 10 yard radius probably still needed to visit a car wash and soon!

The incident happened in Russia and the video went viral pretty quick, where as of now it’s steadily approaching 2,000,000 views – which is totally understandable since this is one of those “incidents” no driver would ever want a part of.

Also, we’d rather not think about what might have been if that Hyundai had its passenger-side window even slightly cracked open. Same goes for the bus driver, who was also extremely lucky not to have his side-window open (or tilted), as many do.




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