Cars that have no logical purpose and are built purely to provide maximum driver enjoyment are often some of the finest vehicles on the market.

Take the Ariel Nomad for example. It is hugely unpractical it lacks doors, side windows and even a roof. It is also hideous to look at on the road and can’t be used to take your kids to school or your wife on a date. The only purpose it serves is to offer a thrilling and versatile ride.

Appropriately, Top Gear’s Rory Reid recently explored the Nomad and found out just how fun it can be by hitting some glorious Welsh roads in the Elan Valley.

In this latest episode of Rory Reid’s Road Trips, Reid samples the Nomad both on the tarmac and on the gravel at the Forest Experience Rally School and in the process, makes us very jealous and yearning for his job.



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