What’s the solution of everyday ‘manly’ problems when something is broke? Use duct tape.

But not just any kind of duct tape is good enough for all the tasks. And here’s why – if you run a car that has duct tape-reinforced roll cage off a cliff and you are inside, you’d probably die. But if you use the “strong as steel” FiberFix, your chances of surviving are much higher.

This is basically what a new ad for the product, featuring actor and comedian Jason Gray, tells us. The video already has more than four million views on Facebook without any kind of paid media to support it.

The opening scenes of the ad were filmed near Utah Lake in an abandoned rock quarry, where a car survives a jump from a cliff just because it’s using a roll cage, held together by FiberFix. The video was produced by the Harmon Brothers’ team, which actually used the tape during the brainstorming process for the clip.

“The mentality in the ad world is that five minutes is too long, but people will watch and share if it’s punchy,” Jeffrey Harmon from Harmon Borthers said. “The real test will be sales—does it make people click and buy?”





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