Richard Hammond’s wife Mindy has warned he will have to quit TV if he crashes his car badly again – and predicted it’ll be within a decade.

Mindy flew to be at Richard’s bedside after he careered off the Swiss hillside and said: “I did say three strikes and you’re out. You’ve had two goes.”

His daughter Isabella, who was behind the camera with younger sister Willow, 13, who told her dad: “Don’t crash again will you.”

Appearing together on ITV’s This Morning she added: “He has one of these every ten years so I’ve marked the next one in my diary.”

Mindy said she had predicted the crash after having a ‘funny’ feeling on the day before. “I actually called Richard on the day before which I don’t usually do, ever,” she said. “Then the day of the accident I call him and he said he was fine but had a couple more runs to do. Then there was a phone call and he said: “I’d had a bit of a shunt”. I did go quite a bit funny which I’ve never done before.”

Mindy was out buying shoes with her daughters when he called her to say he had been hurt.

Her husband explained that after the call she ‘kept shopping’. She said: “You have to keep doing something keep through it.”

Hammond required reconstructive surgery on his fractured left knee having escaped the wreckage just seconds before it went up in flames on June 10. Mindy was quick to rib him about how he has been while recovering at home over the past month.

Mindy said: ‘I’ve got teenage daughters and a nine year old man’.

Richard Hammond has repeatedly apologised to his wife and two daughters Izzy, 16, and Willow, 13, for putting them through more trauma.

He said today that he believed he might die when his car flew off the mountain.

He said he knew it was ‘bad’, adding: When the car touched down it smashed the bottom bit of my knee’.

When he was in hospital he revealed: ‘They told me I’ve lost 7mm of height. I can’t be losing that’.

Holly Willoughby responded with: So are you uneven?’ and he said: “Yes. No, no, I can’t be running in circles for the rest of my life.”



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