Humans have not evolved as fast as cars have, but if they did, this how they would have look like.

Our bodies aren’t designed to withstand the impact of a car crash without any harm.

But this is Graham: No, he’s not suffering anaphylactic shock or any disease. He (or it) represents the perfectly adapted human body that would walk an accident off. The product of Australia’s Transport Accident Commission for a road safety awareness campaign, Graham created with the help of a trauma surgeon, a crash expert, and a Melbourne artist.

Consequently, he has no neck, therefore nothing to break, he has a flat face with fatty tissue to protect his delicate face bones, and his rib cage extends all the way to the skull. Oh, and the nipple-like things? They are tiny organic airbags which expel a liquid on impact. Yeah, don’t ask…

Graham’s brain is supposed to be human, but there’s cerebrospinal fluid and ligaments to brace it when a collision occurs, according to designer Patricia Piccinini explains.

So, it appears that Graham might not get the girl any time soon, but he is special as he can pretty much walk away from any accident. In this aspect, you’re not, so wear the seatbelt at all times and drive safely. You can find more about the project on Meet






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