Police have urged motorists attending Forge Motorsport Action Day to respect people in normally tranquil villages nearby.

Castle Combe Racing Circuit has been working with Avon and Somerset Police and Wiltshire Police to try and limit the amount of anti-social behaviour at the event.

A CCTV van will be deployed to Yatton Keynell during the day to monitor traffic and any anti-social driving that takes place on the way to event. This will be supported by high visibility patrols throughout the area.

Acting Inspector Louis McCoy said: “With such a large event taking place, there will be an increase in traffic in and around the local villages with cars making their way to and from the circuit.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind all the attendees of their responsibilities outside of the circuit when driving around the local villages and wider county.

Please remember to drive safely and responsibly to the traffic system and always use the road in accordance with the Highway Code.

Inappropriate use of vehicles on our roads is dangerous and can have devastating consequences.

Please respect the local residents as well as other drivers, motorists and pedestrians and drive carefully.

Keep revving and racing to the track at all times.”

Tom Davis, from Castle Combe Racing Circuit, said: “Castle Combe Circuit is committed to working with both Wiltshire Police and Avon & Somerset Constabulary in minimising the impacts that anti-social driving standards have on the local community.

Following recent meetings we will continue to support the police and work with them to communicate with our customers prior to the event and on the day. It is important for all of our customers to respect our neighbours and villages if they wish these events to continue for future years.”



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