Police in Sutherland, are looking for a man who stole the blue lights off a police car, and then casually walked away with them.

The other day, the British Transport Police went public with the theft  by releasing a photo of the suspect and the details of the case. Sure enough, as you can see for yourself, the dude simply walked away with the blue lights over his shoulder, presumably after walking to the car and ripping them off it.

This definitely beats stealing an entire car, because it’s all that much harder to track down. As the BTS is finding out right now, since they have to turn to the public to ask for clues.

“Officers have today released CCTV images of a man after police lights were stolen from a car at Sunderland Railway Station,” the BTS says. “The incident happened at 4.29am on Wednesday 26 December 2018.”

“Officers believe the man shown in these CCTV images may have information which could help their investigation. Anyone who recognizes the man, or who has more information about the incident, is asked to contact BTP,” the statement continues.

British Transport Police

Because police are those who are expected to stop thieves from preying on us regular folks, the announcement and the pic release didn’t fail to cause a storm online. After all, if the cops can’t make sure their cars are not torn apart by thugs, what hope is there for the rest of us motorists? If they can’t track down the thief that stole the lights off their car, how will they track down the thief that steals something from us?

But the bigger question is another, we believe: what on earth will the dude do with the blue lights case? Hang it up in his bedroom? Sell it for parts? Put it on his car to impersonate police? Surely, the possibilities must be limitless.



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