Opel Rocks E-xtreme – The Crazy Opel Rocks-e

Opel Rocks E-xtreme – The Crazy Opel Rocks-e

The Opel Rocks-e was unveiled about two weeks ago as an all-electric heavy quadricycle. It is full of quirks and looks like a real toy car. This made it the perfect base for a fun little project by industrial design student Lukas Wenzhöfer, who created the Opel Rocks e-xtreme in just one week

Wenzhöfer, who is currently studying at the School of Design of Pforzheim University in Germany, said: “The new Opel Rocks-e is quite polarizing, to begin with, so why not go completely mad?”

He’s achieved his goal thanks to a host of modifications, whilst retaining all of the original body panels he has added a lot of drama to his design, fitting off-road tires, a raised suspension, and ultra-wide tracks. Even the wide fender add-ons are not enough to cover the wheels which are protruding from the four corners of the car like an off-road go-cart.

A roll cage was added in order to protect the cabin in case of a rollover accident. In this case, the massive rear wing would sustain the most damage as it sticks out several inches above the car’s roof proving plenty of downforce.

Wenzhöfer has added new LED headlights and taillights matching with Opel’s current design language. He also added roof-mounted LEDs. Finally, the cool livery combines black, yellow, and cyan colours.

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