The Rodgau-Dudenhofen Test Centre has turned 50 years old and to celebrate the occasion, the automaker is opening its gates to the public.

On 10th September, visitors can take a look at GM’s European test site, with Opel expecting up to 20,000 guests, including well-known athletes, politicians and businesspeople. The highlight of the day will be the Klassik Tour Kronberg’s stop at the grounds, with Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann leading the way.

“September 10 will be a totally new experience for the Opel Test Center,” said Vice President Vehicle Engineering at Opel, William F. Bertagni. “Over five decades, the site has grown into Opel’s largest and most important test center in Europe. We are looking forward to celebrating this anniversary with our guests, to giving them a look behind the scenes while again demonstrating how exciting and approachable our brand is.”

Opel’s test center features 70km of test tracks, numerous test and development benches over 2.8 square kilometers of land and the opportunity to visit it is a rare one. The main action will take place at the recently completed Skid Pad where the main stage and catering will be located.

The Klassik Tour Kronberg will make a stop at the testing facilities where it will complete two special stages. The first one will take place at the high-speed circular track while Opel will also bring out their VLN racers and rally cars with professional drivers behind the wheel demonstrating their abilities.

Visitors will also get the rare opportunity of a special sightseeing tour in the facilities, covering the high-speed circuit, mountain track and torture track.



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