The next-generation Vauxhall Insignia VXR is set to receive a similar torque vectoring all-wheel drive system to the Ford Focus RS.
Autocar reports that Vauxhall has been working with GKN, the same company that developed the Focus RS’s all-wheel drive system, and is creating a similar set-up for the new high-performance Insignia.

GKN has been working with a current Insignia VXR and recently fitted it with its ‘Twinster’ module on the rear axle which allows for torque vectoring at the back. The front end meanwhile will be controlled through an electronic differential that is able to individually brake the wheels which are losing traction.

The new Insignia is expected to launch next year. It is thought that the car will be slightly larger than the outgoing model but could be up to 200 kg lighter.

Renderings via RM Car Design




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