If you can’t wait to see what Top Gear is going to look like this year, watching this never-before-seen clip for the new series might just take the edge off.

Compared to the very first trailer, this video comes with roughly 45 extra seconds of additional footage depicting the likes of Chris Harris driving the Aston Martin Vulcan in Abu Dhabi, Rory showing off the Mustang’s talents for slow-motion burnouts, plus Sabine and Mr Harris battling it out inside a Viper and a Corvette. Both with roof-mounted guns…

Other cars we get to see are the McLaren 675 LT (which we also saw in the first trailer), the Ariel Nomad, the Audi R8 V10 Plus at Laguna Seca, the Ferrari F12tdf and even a pair of Reliant Rialtos.

Chris Evans will apparently race a Viper ACR against a Jet fighter, and unfortunately lose – though the supercar could stand a chance if the finish line was very near by.
We also catch a glimpse of Ken Block’s 845 HP all-wheel driven 1965 Ford Mustang, the one he used for Gymkhana 7. However, motorsport fans will probably be most excited about Jenson Button having a go in the McLaren, and apparently pushing it a bit too much at one point.

New Top Gear is set to air in less than two week’s time, on 22nd May.



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