A test version of a new government service has launched to remind drivers by text message and email when their MOT is due. Research shows that as many as 28% of vehicles on the road are overdue an MOT test at any one time, with most of these cases being down to owners forgetting rather than deliberately avoiding the safety test.

Now there is no excuse. If you sign up to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s new service, you will receive text and email reminders four weeks, then two weeks before your MOT is due, if you still haven’t had it tested. Furthermore, the reminders will continue every single year, unless you either unsubscribe, or if you change your car and subsequently alter your subscription.

“Booking your next MOT is easy to overlook but it plays an important role in making sure the vehicles on our roads are safe and meeting high environmental standards,” Transport Minister, Baroness Sugg, said. “Getting a text or email will serve as a useful prompt to make sure people get their vehicle checked out on time.”

The only times you are allowed to drive a car without a valid MOT is when driving to or from somewhere to be repaired, or if you are driving to a pre-arranged MOT test. If you drive your car in a situation outside one of those, you could face a £1,000 fine.



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