Polyphony Digital have been working on the latest installment of the Gran Turismo video game for quite some time now, and it’s almost here…

Named the Gran Turismo Sport, it was supposed to be launched last year but its creators pushed its release further into 2017, with the closed beta phase starting tomorrow (17 March) according to the company’s official Facebook page.

The video game will be launched to selected PSN (Playstation Network) accounts in the United States in beta form, with Europe expected to follow shortly.

“The initial phase of the closed BETA, starting on March 17th, will only be open to selected US PSN IDs, so be sure to check your ‘Messages’ on the PS4 dashboard to see if you’ve been invited. As with most BETA programs, in order for the development team to capture data in an optimal manner, the sample size needs to be increased gradually and in stages”, the company wrote.

And marking the launch of the new Gran Turismo Sport in beta is a new trailer, that should get fans hyped about it furthermore. The video shows incredible graphics, and some of the hottest cars of the moment, including a bunch of racers and prototypes.



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