Vauxhall & Opel has now been part of Groupe PSA for exactly one year. Now the Opel GT X Experimental gives a preview of the future of the brand and upcoming models.

In this context, terms such as German, approachable and exciting are more paramount than ever before. These three brand values characterise all models and define all activities at Opel – today and in the future.

“We need to strictly follow our brand values in everything we do. This is valid from the idea right up to the development and implementation of new vehicles and it is a key element of our PACE! plan. The identity of our brand is our future,” said Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller. “That is why I charged our design and engineering teams with visualising these values by means of a concept car. The Opel GT X Experimental, which will celebrate its world premiere before the end of the year, is the result.”

The Opel GT X Experimental gives a first impression of what the future holds and what Opel models will look like by the mid-2020s. It is the first vehicle to feature the new Opel face. The brand concept follows the new “Opel Compass”, which clearly structures the front design of future models and is simply unmistakeable. The main feature of the compass is two prominent axes that insect the brand emblem. On the one hand, this is the characteristic centre crease on the bonnet and on the other, the wing-shaped daytime running light signature. The legendary “Blitz” forms the focus point of the design.

The headlights, daytime running lights, the cameras and sensors of the assistance systems, along with the Blitz are framed by a unique design element. This element is reminiscent of the eye slot of a motorbike helmet and is therefore called “Vizor”. The Opel “Vizor” makes its debut on the GT X Experimental and will give future Opel models a new, distinctive, bold and pure face.

“It is becoming ever clearer, Opel is unleashing new potentials. After only one year of being part of Groupe PSA and only nine months since announcing our PACE! strategic plan, we have become a lot more efficient and can look to the future with great confidence. We were recently able to announce a profit of €502 million1, a margin2 of 5 percent and an operational free cash flow of around €1.2 billion for the first half of the year. Now, I am very proud to give a first glimpse of the GT X Experimental. Our brand concept confidently illustrates our brand values. Traditional characteristics such as German engineering, precision and quality will be joined by exciting and innovative ideas for thrilling automotive experiences. The GT X Experimental embodies all of this,” explained Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller.

The new Opel GT X Experimental will be revealed later this year and its name emphasises a long tradition of trendsetting concept cars at Opel. The Rüsselsheim-based carmaker was the first European manufacturer to show a design study with the sporty Experimental GT in 1965. The Monza Concept (2013) and the GT Concept (2016) were already milestones en route to the GT X Experimental: They both refined the Opel values and highlighted topics such as efficiency and a pure design aesthetic – without portraying an unattainable image.

The Opel Design team looked at building from its great heritage and landmark concepts, toward a distinctive new design execution for its future exterior and interior designs. “We are a brand that is proud of its German heritage but also wanted to capture the bold new spirit of today’s modern Germany. This led to us establishing a core foundational design philosophy for Opel, being both ‘bold’ and ‘pure’. We want to create exciting designs that stand out but which also have a purity of execution. This brand concept captures those values perfectly and highlights the framework for our future vehicles,” explained Vice President Design Mark Adams.



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