The next Corsa will be delayed as new owner PSA is shifting the future models onto its own platforms.

The general plan is to redevelop Vauxhall & Opel’s lineup with technology and vehicle architectures from PSA, with the first PSA-based Opel models to hit the market around 2020, as reported by AutoNews.

This move also means that the next Corsa will be delayed by a year to 2020, as officials are sending the car back to the drawing board. Five more PSA-based models will follow by 2023.

As for the existing models that already use GM’s technology, the non-compete agreement between PSA and GM states that these will be prohibited from being launched in new overseas markets. The same applies for GM as well, meaning that they will not be allowed to market the same underlying technologies in Europe.

Karl-Thomas Neumann will retain his position as CEO of Opel, with PSA wanting him to stay in charge. “It is our intention to make sure Mr. Neumann continues the excellent work he has been doing. We trust that he will be in the best position to lead the turnaround and a profitable future for Opel,” Tavares, PSA boss said.

Tavares also added that Opel would have already managed a turnaround, had it not been for problems arising from the UK’s decision to leave the EU, an opinion shared by GM CEO Mary Barra as well.



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