Vauxhall’s approved used car scheme, Network Q, has become the largest to offer online motor finance, using technology from iVendi.

A process that will allow online customers to look at a range of Vauxhall Finance products, calculate figures that meet their needs, and then apply online, is being added to the central Network Q site covering over 300 individual dealer sites.

Clare White, Marketing Manager at Network Q, said: “We are committed to delivering the best experience for buyers of used approved Vauxhalls both in the the showroom and online, and providing motor finance on our websites is part of that undertaking.”

“We expect that offering online motor finance will drive higher unit sales for dealers as well as increasing penetration of Vauxhall Finance products.”

“Importantly, the iVendi technology that we are using allows customers to easily use the new online finance facilities on any device, from PC to smartphone, and will automatically transfer from online to dealer – if you walk into a Network Q showroom, they will be able to access details of any applications you have made.”

Richard Tavernor, chief operating officer at iVendi, added: “We have worked with a number of manufacturers on offering online motor finance for their approved used car schemes but this is by far the largest.”

“Our experience shows that where online motor finance of this kind is adopted, it drives both sales of vehicles and of finance higher, giving the customer a much greater degree of control over the sales process.”

“In the near future, we believe that manufacturer approved used schemes are moving to a position where customers will very much expect an online motor finance facility to be offered – but Vauxhall are among the first.”

With offices in Manchester and Abergele, and more than 7,000 connected dealers across the UK, iVendi is UK market leader in online motor finance technology.


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