A survey conducted by Motorpoint’s Sell Your Car function found that we are more attached to our cars than we think.

Motorists in the UK are more in touch with cars than first thought according to a new survey.

Around 2,000 motorists were surveyed by Motorpoint with data finding that 49% looked at their car as human, referring to it as a friend or companion.

Furthermore, it is clear that the UK is a nation that loves the car in general, with 28% of motorists saying that they love their car.

John Wood, who heads up Motorpoint’s sell your car proposition said: “With a car being such a big purchase, it’s no surprise that motorists can view it as so much more than just a vehicle.”

First cars seem to carry the most emotion, with 41% of motorists saying that they have the biggest connection with their car when they are new drivers, with the love fading the more cars they own.

A further 32% of motorists would care about what happens to their car once they have sold it and 11% would try and sell it to someone who would look after it and one in 10 admitted that handing their keys over would be an emotional experience.

Georgina Sturmer, an attachment and transactional analysis counsellor said: “We can’t go back in time, and that’s why it can be really hard to let go of a vehicle that has been with us through part of our life. Consider what else you can do to help yourself to separate the physical car from your emotional memory bank, like emptying it out and giving it a good clean.”

John Wood added: “My biggest piece of advice for motorists struggling with the idea of letting go of their current car would be to take your time with the process and make sure you’re really happy with the price you are getting for your current car and that you feel excited about the car you’re getting next.”

For motorists who love their vehicle, another good way of coping when the car is gone is to remember that the memories and experiences you had in it remain with you even when the car has passed on to its next owner.


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